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Our Story

- Disha Gupta Bansal

There is something about seeing a loved one open a gift and give a squeal of delight that just makes my heart flutter. As a relatively creative person, I have always loved giving new and unique gifts to people, I always put in a lot of thought before getting a gift for someone and Wrapped Curations lets me share that with the world! 

At a time when we were all miserably confined to our homes, Wrapped Curationes allowed me to help people reach their loved ones and make them feel special even if they couldn't physically be there for them. And that is what Wrapped Curations is all about. That feeling of happiness and joy, that feeling of being close to those you love and sending a smile their way.

At Wrapped Curations,

We don't just curate gifts,

We curate smiles!

Disha Gupta Bansal

Founder and Owner

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